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Experience your first flight lesson to see if this is what you want to pursue. First Flight Lessons for aspiring new pilots starting at just $299. This counts towards the first flight lesson in the syllabus for Private Pilot Flight Training. This is not an airplane ride. It is a flight lesson for individuals interested in learning to fly. You will fly the plane with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).


Bring a camera and take pictures of yourself flying the plane over Oklahoma City. Bring a flash drive and we will transfer a video of your first flight lesson.

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So, you want to be a pilot? Ever since your dad took you up in his Cessna, have you been dreaming of flying? Maybe you want to launch a career as a commercial airline pilot, or you are just curious about this thrilling industry. People come to the world of aviation from all backgrounds. The one thing that matters is that you want a chance to see if flying is right for you. That is why we are here.

Alto Flight Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a female and Asian owned business. Alto is a professional, full-service flight academy providing training to everyone from students and pilots to airline transport flyers. Make your lifelong dream come true with our affordable, practical, and exciting classes.

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With these educational courses, you will prepare to become a pilot.

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Learn how to operate an airplane in weather with these critical classes.

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Alto Flight Academy has been proudly training pilots in Oklahoma City since 1995. With FAA certified instructors, competitive rates, and the best performance-modified aircraft around, we have everything to offer the aspiring pilot. Whether you are interested in earning your private pilot certificate for recreational purposes or becoming a professional airline pilot, we are here to meet your flight training needs.

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